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Yu Ominae (御神苗優 Ominae Yū?) is the main protagonist of the Spriggan series. He is a top-class agent of the ARCAM Private Army, a military arm for the ARCAM Corporation that is an international organization devoted in protecting the ancient civilization's legacy from adversary forces who seek to abuse them for their own benefits. He is stationed at ARCAM's Japanese Branch and is often called upon by ARCAM to carry out missions related to their philosophy. Outside of his duties as a Spriggan, he is also a high school student.

Yu is voiced by Shôtarô Morikubo in the OVA and game adaptations of the manga. In the English dubbing of the former, Chris Patton provides the voice. In the ONA, Chiaki Kobayashi plays a lead role of the character, while Kyle McCarley voices him in the English dub.


Yu is of average height for a teenager with a thin, but well muscled build. He has short, spikey black hair and brown eyes. When attending his school duty, Yu usually wears gakuran high school uniform as his daily attire. He also wears a pair of various casual t-shirt (with sleeves in winter session) with fabric trousers or jeans during his off days or missions in Japan. During his duty as a Spriggan, he wears an armored muscle suit made out of an Orichalcum material that is developed by Dr. Mayzel. With the suit, he wears a tactical vest on it, a pair of power gloves, and a protective head gear that exposes his hair. He is also usually seen wearing a bandana on his forehead and have bandages on his face from physical injuries.


A slacker at heart

To most of his friends and fellow classmates, Yu is known to be an outgoing, optimistic, and cocky individual whose kind-hearted traits made him quite popular in his school. Although he may be often regarded as lazy and vexatious, particularly when he is usually seen falling asleep during class sessions by his teachers and may cause mischief with certain people like the Sasahara sisters, he still demonstrates the willingness of trying his best in living his normal, school life to the fullest by attempting to maintain his adequate attendance record and grades. The major factor that proves this desirable task to be a challenge is, unbeknownst to his acquaintances, him being frequently called upon by ARCAM to conduct black-ops as a Spriggan operative.

With ARCAM, Yu is dedicated in assisting ARCAM with sealing away dangerous, ancient technologies from falling into the wrong hands. He is loyal to those who he believes is fighting for the greater cause, but has no problem turning against them if he discovers that they are corrupted, as evident by him admitting towards Iwao Akatsuki that he will cause the destruction of ARCAM with his own two hands if they were to go against their philosophy and collect artifacts for non-benevolent purposes.

"Without school I'd totally lose my grip on reality! And if I ever forget it, then I'm a "berserker." I - I don't want to become just a war machine." - Yu Ominae

Yu's dark history involving him being one of the test subjects for the COSMOS project conducted by the U.S. army has dramatically affected his childhood outcome. Even after safely returning back home with his adoptive sister from the supposed COSMOS fiasco, Yu was mostly stuck in his murder machine state where he will ruthlessly kill anybody who pose a significant threat to him and his loved ones without remorse, although he would shortly afterwards be deeply in shocked by the actions he just committed. Despite later on managing to mitigate this mental state thanks to the help of his uncle and Oboro, he still occasionally reminds himself of how much he loathes of being simply a murder machine, and thrives towards being better than what he was in his past. This is showcased several times such as him attempting to convince Jean Jacquemonde against finishing off the injured Little Boy with his SPAS-12 at Mt. Ararat, Turkey, or knocking out Trident soldiers with his fists during his mission in Romania, much to Jean's annoyance in him being reluctant in just shooting them with firearms to silence them swiftly and permanently. Yu, however, has and will still kill per his duty as a Spriggan.

Yu can be occasionally reckless and stubborn, particularly until his final fight with Oboro, he can be too reliant on his A.M. suit and vastly overestimating the power of it (which its effectiveness decreases as the manga progresses), despite Oboro advising him in ditching the suit several times. He also underestimates Colonel McDougal's child appearance, causing him to not predict his psychic attacks when he refuses his offer to surrender. Since the A.M. suit cannot greatly withstand the attack, Yu suffered excruciating pain and was nearly killed, as the result. His stubbornness can come into a positive light, however, as he is often shown to not concede easily when the odds are significantly stacked against him.


Early Life[]

The young Yu witnessing the corpses of his biological parents.

Yu was born in Japan and was an only child to his unknown parents. Not much birth information is given about him. When he was five years old, he and his parents were part of the ARCAM excavation team in Iran. However, the U.S. army assaulted the site, killing everyone involved there including his parents. Yu was not present in the site during the genocide and managed to avoid death. Unfortunately for him, he would later walk to the site alone, only to discover the corpses of his parents.

Yu, in the state of absentmindedness, is discovered by Oboro after murdering the COSMOS officers.

Yu was later placed in an orphanage where he would eventually get acquainted with Rie Yamabishi. He was then taken in to the United States by his uncle, Takashi Ominae, and his adoptive sister, Akiha Ominae. At one point, however, Yu was randomly abducted and was subjected to the U.S.'s top secret military project, Project COSMOS, where him and his fellow COSMOS children were brainwashed, experimented on, and received special forces-level training to be transformed into ruthless killing machines. He was assigned a codename, "Number 43", and partook in an operation involving a raid on an archaeological site somewhere in South America, along with other COSMOS commandos. Yu and his unit wiped out all presences of security guards and civilians there. When a couple attempted to escape from the unexpected massacre, Yu confronted them and held them at gunpoint with his H&K MP5SD, and they were swiftly executed. Their lifeless body posture then reminded him about the deaths of his parents, sending the vengeful Yu into a rampage of killing almost all COSMOS officers and soldiers within the site. Afterwards, Oboro just happened to come across the aftermath of the massacre and found a bewildered Yu inside a trailer. Yu attempted to kill him, but Oboro managed to incapacitate him. He would then escorted Yu back to the ARCAM Corporation.

Yu was eventually reunited with his uncle and sister, but his mental state failed to be improved from the incident. At one point, a group of three robbers barged into Yu's house and attacked Akiha. They also attacked him when he entered the room where she was taken hostage, and one of the robbers held him at knife point. Yu did not hesitate to relive himself as a COSMOS commando and quickly killed two of them. When he was about to kill the last one, Akiha intervened and injured her left shoulder from Yu's knife swing. The surviving robber bolted out of the house due to intense fear from what he just witnessed, and Takashi investigated the scene for him to see two dead robbers, an injured Akiha, and a screaming Yu. He slammed Yu against the wall and told him that there is more to life than just being a murder machine. Takashi persuasion skills have helped Yu in regaining his humanity. He then traveled around the world with his uncle for a while, but eventually signed up to become a Spriggan field agent for ARCAM and underwent training with Oboro and his knife instructor, Bowman.

"First Mission"[]

Yu witnessing the activation of the Megiddo Flame.

For his first assignment as a Spriggan operative, Yu was tasked in infiltrating the M.A.T. Research Lab in Tokyo and preventing the American military from misusing the Megiddo Flame that can potentially cause the destruction of the entire city if activated. Director Yamamoto provided him a newly issued A.M. suit during a briefing that is designed by Dr. Mayzel and delivers significant protection to Yu from bullets and melee attacks. The given task only serves as a mission directed to Yu, as he must act as a demonstration to ARCAM that they are forces not to be easily reckoned with.

By the time Yu was deployed on the facility, the Megiddo Flame's startup was already initiated by an American Machiner's Platoon operative, Mayor Hummingbat. This forced Yu to ditch the covert infiltration plans and speed things up. At one point, he came across a scientist there, who eventually revealed herself as Yoshino Somei. She gave him the details on what is really happening within the facility and urged him to put a stop to the impending disaster. He then came across Hummingbat in one of the hallways and the two commenced a duel. Yu initially struggled against Hummingbat's ultrasonic waves attack, but still managed to overcome it and neutralized him. With the help of Yoshino and Hummingbat being defeated, Yu ensured the Megiddo Flame crisis was placed to an end.

The Shrine of Fire[]


Yu and Yamamoto are teammates at the first appearance. As Yu's supervisor, he has a duty to find out various OOParts that research team found at chosen region.

Yu and Rie are childhood friends.

Although teamed up as well-known partner, Yu and Jean considered as rivals.

Her first appearance that involved him made himself annoyed by her actions. Yu called Yoshino herself as low ranked artifact thief.

As his mentor, Oboro also tests his developing skills against Yu after fought against Jean. Unfortunately Oboro defeated by him by single punch. He also realized that Oboro did less training after defeated.

Yu meets his adoptive father and uncle somewhere in the Native American forest where Jean easily trapped by his hand-made trap.

His relationship with his adoptive sister and cousin also shown when she announces Henry Garnum.

Despite Yu and Precup are teammates, he was disgusted when Yu called him "gramps" that makes him easily annoyed.


Spriggan (1998)[]


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