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Tea Flatte (ティア・フラット Tia Furatto), whose real name is Tea Flatte Arcam, is a British Spriggan operator stationed in ARCAM's British headquarters. She is also the one and only female main character in this series.


Born in Britain during the times of the wizard Merlin, he bestowed upon her immortality and made her go out and protect Alien Artifacts from being used for wrong purposes.


Tea's possesses a special ability called "Calling Beast" that allows her to summon illusions to fool enemies into insecurity and have their souls drained.


Lycanthropy Legacy[]

She first participates in Romania for an assignment with Yu and the others to investigate what Trident agents were doing in the country.

Holy Grail[]

Later on, she is dispatched to Britain to subdue a group of Neo-Nazi militants that are trying to secure the Holy Grail. She teams up with Yu and Yoshino in defeating Kutheimer's group when the Adolf Hitler clone attempts to use the Vajrayana scepter after her and the other ARCAM agents and Yoshino before it blew up due to its overuse.

Tea later participates, in a side role, in assisting Yu's infiltration of the S.S. Eugenio E to recover the Ark of the Covenant, which was captured by Trident operator Sidewinder.


In her first appearance, Tea wears a full sleeved coat with pencil skirt and pair of boots.