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Spriggan: Lunar Verse (スプリガンルナヴァース, Supurigan runavu~āsu) is an action adventure video game based on the Spriggan manga, developed by From Liquid Mirror Software, and published by From Software. It was released in June 1999 for the Playstation console.

Taking place after the events of the original manga, the story centered on Tatsuki Otsuki, a high school student recruited to become a Spriggan agent for the ARCAM's Private Army. Tatsuki would eventually see himself to be involved in a war involving the legacy of ancient civilizations. Ultimately, Tatuski must prove his worth as a potential Spriggan operative, and protect their heritage from various adversary forces.

Despite being set in the same universe as the manga, Lunar Verse established its own setting and characters not presented in the original. However, the overall scenario remains the same, and several characters from the original made an appearance in this game.


Spriggan: Lunar Verse is a third person three-dimensional action game, in which the player takes control of Tatsuki Otsuki, a newly recruited ARCAM operative who utilizes arrays of fighting movesets, firearms, and knives to fight against variety of enemies while exploring the 3D environmental stages. The game contains multitude of weapons and items that could be used to assist Tatsuki throughout the duration of different missions.


The combat system plays a significant role for the game's action identity. The default controls setting uses the left analog stick or D-pad to move and look around horizontally, circle button to perform a light attack, triangle button to perform a strong attack, X button to jump, square button to change weapons, walk, or reset the camera behind the player, the L1 and R1 buttons to strafe horizontally, and L2 and R2 buttons to look around vertically. Therefore, Tatsuki is able to attack, overcome occasional platforming obstacles, and dodge with minimal hassle.

Lunar Verse uses a primitive health model that is common before the health regeneration feature became popular. Tatsuki begins the game with 37 hit points, but is able to recover the lost ones through the use of limited quantity of Rations. He will die if his H.P. reaches zero, falling into an instant-death obstacle, or being crush to death. Below his hit points is the energy points that is used when performing special attacks mainly from the game's own AM suits.

The game contains an abundance of different types of weapons for the player to select from. Projectile firearms, ranging from pistols to rocket launchers, allows Tatsuki to attack enemies from range. They contain limited amount of bullets or rockets to be used upon, but can be replenished through being picked up from stages and using them in the item menu. On the other hand, Tatuski is also eligible to use melee-based type weapons, knives, to deal an increased damage against hostile forces within a closing distance.

Ability Points[]

In a typical action-adventure genre, Tatsuki starts out weak at the beginning of the game, but is able to improve his stats through obtaining ability points (crystal-like objects) hidden through the stages and clearing missions with the best possible results. The player could then spend the remaining ability points through five different core attributes that expands Tatsuki's strength in the STATUS menu.

  • CONCENTRATION: Affects the amount of time it takes for Tatsuki to fill his psyche gauge.
  • POWER: Determines the amount of attack power Tatsuki contains when dealing damage against enemies.
  • RESIST: Demonstrates the amount of defense Tatsuki has when taking damage from enemies.
  • STAMINA: Showcases the duration of the H.P gauge Tatsuki has.
  • MIND: Affects the duration of the E.P gauge Tatsuki contains.


Upon the completion of the first mission, the player is thrown into the screen of the ARCAM Operating System, which serves as the game's hub menu and a preparation phase before starting the next mission. There are four main options immediately available upon the system being booted: MISSION, EQUIP, ADJUST, and SYSTEM.

  • MISSION: Brings out the two additional options when selected: BRIEFING and REPORT. Selecting the former automatically transports the player into the briefing section, where they are briefed by Graham Bruton towards the mission's details and objectives. The latter exposes the files that act as statistics on how well the player performed for each of the game's 16 missions.
  • EQUIP: Selecting this option switches the player to another menu where they have the ability to choose different types of guns, knives, and AM suits (unlockable upon completing a certain mission or if several conditions are met) to carry with towards operations.
  • ADJUST: Similar to the MISSION selection, two options, STATUS and TRAINING, appear when picked. The former allows the player to upgrade Tatsuki stats through ability points procured from missions. The latter gave the player the choice of returning to the Training area to further experiment on the game's basics.
  • SYSTEM: Give the player privileges to save, load, quit, and adjust the game's option features.

AM Suits[]

An iconic jumpsuit worn by Yu Ominae in the original manga made a return as one of the central gameplay mechanisms in Lunar Verse, but expanded upon as a new model so that there are three different types of AM suits available: power, defense, and speed. In addition to them providing Tatsuki different functions based on his preference, he is able to gain experience points from defeating enemies and clearing missions to further strengthen the suit's functionality and change their appearances.

An original game element, "Zero Burst", has been implemented. When Tatsuki is wearing an A.M. suit, he is able to activate it at any time, which instantly provides temporary damage nullification and unlocking the usage of the suit's special functions and mental wave attacks upon its activation.

AM Suits Descriptions
Power Suit A suit that favors offensive attack power at a cost of inferior defense due to its operation being mechanical. When Zero Burst is activated, Tatsuki can automatically initiate fighting combos.
Defense suit This suit contains high defensive power at a cost of reduced movement speed since it utilizes hardened Orichalcum. Activating Zero Burst will cause Tatsuki to become immune from all firearm-related attacks.
Speed suit A suit that has a fusion of mechanical and artificial muscles that enabled high-speed movement and increased jumping power. However, the attack and defense power became reduced, as a result. Tatsuki can glide in the air when Zero Burst is active.

In addition to the AM suits, there are also prototype suits that are unlockable through certain conditions. They are usually distinguishable from the normal AM suits with the word "EXTRA" at the end of the prototype suit's name (EX: POWER EXTRA). They contain performances nearly equivalent to their level 2 counterparts, which can be served as a benefit towards players that desired to use a particular suit with added enhancements without having to first upgrade them. However, it should be noted that those prototype suits are not able to gain experience points in any way shape or form, so it is best to not mainly rely on them to progress through the story.



  • Tatsuki Otsuki - The protagonist, Tatsuki is a high school student who is a candidate as a Spriggan agent for the ARCAM Private Army due to his well compatibility with Orichalcum.
  • Graham Bruton - Tatsuki's boss and instructor who is affiliated with the ARCAM Japanese branch. He often provides Tatsuki mission details during the briefings, and assists him during the operations through the radio.
  • Yu Ominae - The main character from the original manga, Yu acts as a senior and advice for Tatsuki. Despite no longer wearing an AM suit, he is still one of the most powerful Spriggan. In this work, he is investigating Trident's insiders in ARCAM.
  • Jean Jacquemonde - A supporting character who also appeared in the manga, Jean is a top-class Spriggan and Yu's companion. He is also investing insiders along with Yu.
  • The Mysterious Girl - A strange girl who's presence acts as a warning against the misuse of the ancient civilization's creations. Her appearance resembled Tatsuki's younger sister who have died from an unknown cause.
  • Lithia Dill - A female scientist who is part of the Trident Weapons Development Department and previously worked with the U.S. army. Her former boss and deceased husband, Willoughby Pitan, formed a theory that the moon was built by the ancient civilization, in which it could manipulate the Earth's environment. She desired to prove her dead fiance's hypothesis.
  • Yamamoto - Yu's boss in the original manga. He only appears during the game's credits.


  1. Escape From a Lab
  2. Defend From the U.S. Force
  3. Take Back the Artifact
  4. Investigation on the Seabed
  5. Driving Back the Ninja
  6. Explore an Unknown Ruins
  7. Rescue the ARCAM Investigator
  8. Get Back the Antarctic Remains
  9. Sneak into the Trident Lab
  10. Trace the U.S. Special Force
  11. Retake the ARCAM Lab
  12. Chase into the Antarctic Remains
  13. In the Palace of the Moon
  14. The Matter of the Moon
  15. Gain Control of the ARCAM Lab
  16. Sennin-kai



The Original & Advice Hiroshi Takashige

Ryoji Minagawa

Director Atsushi Taniguchi
Producer Shinichiro Nishida
Programmers Kiwamu Takahashi

Masatoshi Akahori

Artists Ryoji Minagawa

Hiroyuki Kani
Ken Sugawara

Composers Kota Hoshino

Tsukasa Saito
Keiichiro Segawa


Tatsuki Otsuki Koji Tsujitani
Graham Bruton Akira Negishi
Yu Ominae Showtaro Morikubo
Jean Jacquesmonde Takehito Koyasu
The Mysterious Girl Naomi Masaki
Dr. Lithia Dill Yoshino Takamori
Narrator Shozo Lizuka


Spriggan: Lunar Verse's soundtrack was composed by From Software's sound team, "FreQuency". When creating the in-game background songs, The team desired to emphasize the feeling of "intensity" and "mystery" without focusing on a specific style. [1]The game contains a mix of various music styles ranging from techno to ambient types that further established the game's sense of atmosphere. The soundtrack was released on November 26, 1999, under the Kings Record label.


  • Lunar Verse contains several original casts bearing similar appearance from the characters within the comic series, implying the fact that the game pays homage to the original manga.