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Oboro (朧) is a skilled Qigong martial artist and is capable of paralizing his opponents with a single touch, known as Dim Mak. Oboro is called on by the ARCAM Corporation to infiltrate a Neo-Nazi faction in Egypt. His cover is responsible for helping Yu and Suzuko Kawahara neutralize Kutheimer's operations in Egypt. Oboro later participates with Yu in a mission to Iraq to protect Sister Kate, who had the Apocrypha of Rockis, which cultists from the Magier Heunri Balez wants to use to conjured demons. Later on, Oboro returns to Thailand and assists Yu and Yoshino in fighting against Cheng, who had honed his Qigong skills to seek revenge against Oboro.

Later, Oboro apparently betrays ARCAM and attacks an ARCAM Special Private Army detachment in Pakistan and is able to defeat Jean Jacquemonde in his werewolf, placing him in critical status. An enraged Yu defeats Oboro in single combat, but Oboro walks away with bruises on his face while smiling at his former student. However, towards the end of the manga, he assists Yu in disabling Trident's communications with Takashi, which prevents Larry Markson from calling in additional reinforcements to the South Pole.


Oboro has long black hair with black eyes, alo his flashback appearance has short black hair. He also wears black qipao with pair of trousers and shoes.