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ARCAM Corporation is a company that was founded in the United States and has branches covering all countries from across the globe. Its mission is to covertly secure and destroy all ancient artifacts (items, machines, ruins, etc.) from all known enemies that may use them for their own benefit.

Its breakthrough was the refinement of Orichalcum, a strong metal that was used for ARCAM's Armored Muscle Suit and Yu's combat knife. MJ-12 and Trident Corporation were able to refine their own Orichalcum suits, mostly from ARCAM's research. The spelling ARCAM is said to be a misspelling of Arkham.


  • ARCAM Private Army. ARCAM's paramilitary wing whose duties vary. Their main purpose is to conduct operations on various artifact locations and its aggressors, ranging from private corporate military wings to national militaries.
  • Spriggans One of ARCAM Private Army's divisions, consisting of special agents recruited for covert work in hostile areas without compromising the company.